Dominant and Slave

Hi Slaves and naughty boys hope to punish you soon. For the uneducated regarding the Dom /slave world I thought it would be useful to know a little of this world you think you might like to enter.

Into the English history record, the secular profession appears in books from the 17th Century and 18th Century, and flagellation prints of the Dominatrix in role of 'Whipstress' and 'School-Mistress'. The ladies providing birch discipline were interlinked with royalty, nobility, parliamentarians and secret societies.

Role identity in relation to Dominant

loosely "fawn" approach in animal terms but richness of rather human complexity of psychological approach. Wanting to give of themselves, wanting to please their Dominant, wanting to know what their Dominant enjoys and doesn't. Rewarded by the smile and pleasure of their Dominant. Wanting to go along with what their Dominant would like, to a significant degree. Aware also though of her sensitivities and sore points. A style of language and expression which is characterised by politeness, amusing, flattering and companionate style which is very considerate of its effects on their Dominant. Adoring and devoted. To relate to historical forms, a vassal to their Dominant, who is familiar and close to their Dominant, and wants to reflect well on them. Attendant and considerate to the desires, needs and wishes of their Dominant, and protective of their Dominant and strong for their Dominant. This may include active performance of oral sex, as well as being subject to the Dominant's preferences of play, and openness to a large degree with generosity of giving over their body and mind to their Dominant's play desires. They enjoy activities which play particularly with connection, often symbolised by bondage, physical intimacy proximity to their Dominant, and taking some degree of pain to please their Dominant, and evidence their devotion to their Dominant. 


loosely "flight" turned to "toil" (labour, duties, service) in bondage / captivity, with human complexity of psychological approach. The slaves want to be run by their Dominant, to be given purpose, challenges, duties, under collar / yoke. This can take a variety of forms such as service submission, running errands, boot-blacking, maid duties, helping their Dominant create something under the Dominant's instruction commands. A useful term I came across was ""toil and moil", to work hard, to drudge. The word "moil" comes from Old French moiller "paddle in mud, moisten", based on Latin mollis (soft), and can be likened to getting oneself dirty in muddy fields, or a maid doing dishes with muddy dishwater. There is a preparedness to get ones hand's dirty, and an almost romance of drudgery that must be enlivened by task enrichment and excitement of new challenges and development of the slave. And they wish to be driven, with Dominant as "slave driver" if you will. Given challenges, instruction commands, their work evaluated, and they are sent off to work often with some distance and then the Dominant comes into closeness to check over that work. (I imagine with punishment as seen fit - wink.) The captivity collar / yoke or attire of role such as slave collar, or butler or maid etc - may come into play.

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