Castration! Cheaters beware

Hi slaves no I am not blogging about castration meaning I will not be castrating you

Removal of the male sexual organs. Practiced by ancient and barbaric societies where sex was considered highly evil.

Also used in the courts of ancient China to produce eunuchs, castrated male servants who could be trusted to be in close proximity to the Emperor. To be near the Emperor was to be near his harem, so naturally few men were allowed to be in his presence. Eunuchs were considered safe, since they had neither the will nor the ability to "sample the goods" as it were. As a result, eunuchs could gain special leverage with the Emperor, due to their proximity to him, and be appointed to high government offices. Towards the end of the 19th century, some of the most powerful men in the country were eunuchs.

Any female that has to castrate or a cut a guys dick off is like a guy who has to cut a female's tits off (to win a genocidal war). Cutting a guy's dick off while he's sleeping is especially chicken shit behaviour (whether he really raped you or not). Waiting until somebody falls asleep to show them you mean business is not showing an asshole you mean business.

To be castrated by the woman who you love and worship, either real or fantasy castration. Fantasy is when you dream about or desire or think about the woman you love to loving-ly remove your testicles or to keep them in HER possession.

Mass castrations In ancient and medieval times was a common practice the castration of vanquished enemies after the battles. A historian of the Seljuk sultans told a tale in which after a great victory over the the last of the Khwarazmians, the Turk Seljuk Key Coubad ordered the testicles or scrotums of thirty thousand defeated army soldiers joined together to produce three hundred tents - a task which apparently occupied the greater part of the army for five whole days, but produced what was described as a memorable memento of the battle! These mass castrations were done just after the battles, in order to sell the new eunuchs to the merchants of slaves that usually followed the armies.

Oral castration The act of using ones mouth to bite/tear off a person's (generally a male’s) genitalia and/or penis thus resulting in immense pain /suffering, and, in some cases, coma or death.

Rick "Did you hear what Stacy did to John when she found out he was cheating on her?" James: "No! What happened?" Rick: "Apparently she was going to give him head but actually gave him an oral castration!" James: That had to hurt!"

Mistress K: Guys are like bras they hook up behind your back

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