Toothy Pegs

Hi slaves you have all heard of the tooth fairy who comes in the night to take out your freshly extracted tooth, the exiting thing is that he or she leaves money, we believed this story only for a short while then the teeth did not drop out so easily and grown up teeth Gnashers Choppers Ivories and many more names they are called. The magic was good while it lasted.

You know what I am going to say Adontophilia yes a sexual arousal involving teeth no biting yet Marquis de Sade claimed. That his words based on the sex life of others, many of them which were documented. One of the sex acts he wrote about was tooth extraction. The passion of Boniface. He loves pulling teeth out of his victims, fucking them and being sodomised.

It is very doubtful that anyone today practices odontophilia in this form however it is possible that an occasional tooth extraction scene occurred in1797 when de Sade wrote his book. Therefore people during de Sades lifetime were accustomed to having their teeth removed without effective pain killers.

Odontophilia can involve such things as said person (odontophiliac) being aroused by:

  1. licking your partner's teeth
  2. leaving the imprint of their teeth on their lover's skin or or the other way around.
  3. Pulling out their partner's teeth or anything really having to do with dentistry.

If an Odontophilliac went with a friend to the dentists office and the friend was having a. Root canal, the said odontophiliac would more than likely insist that they be present during the procedure.

Treatment is generally not sought for odontophilia unless it becomes problematic for the individual and they feel compelled to address the condition. The majority of sexual fetishists and paraphiliacs simply learn to accept their condition and manage to achieve sexual gratification in an appropriate manner with no problem for the individual or their sexual partners.

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