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From prehistoric times. Judicial execution was intended not just to kill the convicted criminal but to deliberately inflict suffering as well. Love it!

The expression on pain of death meant literally that the crime would be punishable by death but it would also be a particularly painful one. Indeed before the Renaissance, methods of execution were really just forms of torture, prolonged to the point of death. Not loving that to much!!

Historically humans have shown quite astonishing inventiveness in devising cruel and sadistic Execution techniques. In France people were tied to large wagon wheels and a hammer or iron bar used to break their bones by striking where they crossed the gaps between the spokes. The Spanish Inquisition inserted a hinged spiked choke pear into the mouth, rectum or vagina and forced it to open until the victim suffered a fatal internal haemorrhage. In China the victim might be cut progressively into pieces first removing the eyes then the ears, nose, tongue, fingers and toes before slicing out larger dollops of flesh from the thighs, abdomen and so on. Not loving this one either!!

In Europe during the reign of the Roman Emperor Caligula adulterers were tied upside down and sawn in half starting at the crotch, because blood would continue to flow downhill to the brain and the victims remained conscious for much of the ordeal. In 1791 the use of the wheel was banned and the guillotine was introduced as a supposedly humane method of execution, REALLY

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