Fornication Dolls

This week Inflatable dolls (pediophilia) arousal from fornicatory . dolls Hi slaves an interesting story one of my very old friends (not in age) we go back a long way I had not seen or heard from him for a while he called me and brought his doll an interesting evening was had by all!!

Fornicatory dolls are those that are produced with the specific intent of being used to accommodate genital penetration There are several types of sex dolls available in todays market the dolls are made in Asian countries Africa Europe and the United States. They are half the size of a human width pliant Breasts or a realistic penis. The most popular and common doll’s come equipped with vibrating penis, breasts that can be filled with warm water, also several orifices.

The most expensive types were once popular among European sailors and had pubic hair and even a clitoris, there is also the inflatable sheep (Luv Ewe) or pig that is equipped with an opening under the tail.

These dolls are used as a third person for group sex the cold partner for necrophile the same sex and consensual partner for spanking, coprophilia or S/M where a submissive is commanded to have sex with the doll. People usually use other dolls for sexual purposes as a case of the stolen Ronald McDonald who seven days after his abduction was found in an apartment dressed in female underwear!!

The reason for this particular story is my friend rang me so we could have some kind of session I know he is a submissive and I have to command him to have sex with whatever doll he brings usually more than one.

_Mistress K: If any one of my slaves would like to do this you know where I am bring your own doll _

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