Hi Slaves hows it hanging pardon the pun but I rather liked my blog this week I hope you slaves enjoy as I am sure there are some blood lusty among you!!

Some people experience vicarious stimulation through watching others face death by execution. Once a person becomes anxious it is possible for transpose any of the basic emotions caused by the fight flight sessions response. The spectators at a public execution who might have ;been angered by the crime of the victim may also feel avenged by the death sympathy is absent.

Casanova and Hirschfeld were only two who wrote a about women who masturbated while viewing for waiting for the finale of an execution and the orgies that followed. English men knew that to break down a Woman’s resistance or scruples he simply had to get her to attend a public execution, this was said to work more efficiently than wine.

The Romans mixed violence and lust at their theatre on a much grander scale the games involved rape of young boys by men and beasts followed by. Mutilation and murder. Even the empresses Messalina and Theodora masturbate and had sex in the stands watching the events. Prostitutes worked below the stands and lined the roads leading out of the arena to service the numerous men who as yet had not relieved themselves.

Mistress K: No executions today I just want to play a spank or two would not go astray

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