Whipping Tom

HI you raving slaving shower of excrement I am not happy today, need someone to be punished for anything I deem fit, the punishment will certainly fit the crime

In 1671 England a phantom spanker named Whipping Tom was arrested for abducting women and carrying then into a dark side street.. There he would pull up their dresses and spank then until they screamed for help at which point he would make his escape.

Conversion and obedience induced by whipping was used in Paraguay Mexico Africa and probably other countries as well.

Flagellation has of course been used by most forms of government and military. France until 1756 sometimes punished a prostitute by tying her on a donkey with her buttocks toward the front of the animal, a straw hat and an inscription on her back.

The prostitute was then whipped by the crowds as she was paraded through the towns o her way to. Prison. This may be the remnant of a more ancient punishment for adulterous wives in which the donkey not only carried her through town but she was forced into sexual union with it.

Flagellation has been common in bordellos for centuries as a method to reduce impotency in men. The English Bordello fee in the late 1960’s for caning was £1.00 per lash. One client wrote a letter to a Madam before his visit detailing the treatment he desired as well as the price he would pay, this being regulated by the amount of blood the woman was able to draw.

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