Torture, Ouch!

Hi slaves for some of you your favourite pastime and for others not so hot on Torture, do not worry if you do not like you do not have to have it, if you beg me to that is a different story. The following information is not about what I do it is about what was (as probably still is done) in other cultures.

Torture refers to inflicting pain to extract information from a non cooperative person. The definition has recently broadened to include the infliction of pain without the explicit intent to gather information or a confession.

Governments have employed torture for their purposes for thousands of years. Those cultures not using torture relied on divine intervention. Here a suspect that was accused of a wrongdoing had to endure a trial by ordeal, passing the test proved his innocence. The Europeans became so calloused to torture, the witch burnings and the Inquisition that it was used for punishment for those sentenced to death. King Charles 1st himself was one of those victims. (Hung drawn and quartered)

Other cultures used things such as the American Indian torture of slowly masturbating a man to death to some this would not be a torture, inserting a glass tube in a prisoners urethra and breaking it with a hammer, or the Afridi woman’s torture of prying a mans mouth open with wood and urinating in it until he drowned Glug Glug

Genital torture techniques are the most popular. People put testicles in small vice grips twisting the sac and squeezing the testicles together with the hand until the person submits, whipping the genitals, using an irritate, using sand paper, attaching clamps or clothes pegs, using alternate heat and cold, impaling with needles, use electrical cock rings. The difference between S/M torture and the political type is that the victim can end the game at any time and serious damage is avoided at all costs. _Mistress K as always you do it my way _

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