Rectal Dilator

Patented in 1892 by Ohioan Frank E. Young, these hard rubber devices were designed to be a cure for constipation and Haemorrhoids.

Young's rectal dilators came with a set of directions that instructed users to lubricate with either vaseline or Dr Youngs lubrication before getting started. From there, they could insert whichever size dilator felt best for them, then gradually move up to larger sizes as needed.

Like the other devices on this list, Young intended his rectal dilators for serious medical purposes - such as male and female hysteria. However, it didn't take long for people to discover that the rectal dilators offered sexual benefits, as well. Nonetheless, Dr. Young's rectal dilators were banned for false advertising in 1940.

Spanking was a large part of the growing BDSM subculture in Victorian-era London - so much so that men would pay to be whipped with birch branches by professional flagellators. One of the  most famous dominatrixes of the time even described the era as "the golden age of governesses."

In 1908, Ulysses S. De Moulin  patented his Lifting and Spanking Machine, designed precisely to mechanise spanking. At first, the machine was advertised as a "prank machine" that could be used for comical purposes in fraternal initiation ceremonies but those who had discovered BDSM during the Victorian era had ideas of their own.

To use the Lifting and Spanking Machine, one simply bent over and clutched onto handgrips as a spring-loaded paddle whipped them from behind. Sounds like fun!! (Where can I buy one)

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