The Bowler hat

Hi every one of my slaves and welcome to the wannabees and the new bees a strange blog this week about a strange person but you cannot judge by its cover ever!

I received a strange call a few weeks ago a gentlemen (not really a slave) phoned me for an appointment, having told me his requirements (it should of been me telling him my requirements) I agreed to his needs.

I was to dress up as a man suit tie bowler hat nothing sexy, WTF I did it (rather liked the look) we enjoyed the session nothing weird and wonderful just a normal correction for being a naughty boy. We talked a little and he explained to me his fetish. He had no father to bring him up and teach him manly things (whatever they are) from a small boy his Mother would dress up as a man to punish him only when he was naughty and as he got older he became more naughty and his mothers punishments were more painful sadly (as he did lover her) his mother passed away. His fetish has never passed away so he likes to be dominated by a woman dressed as a man, simple really. The sad thing is I did not see him again I rather liked him!!

Mistress K: You cannot judge a book by its cover

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