The Hairy Monster

Hi slaves and others Hope you are all up and running as we are in the third week of January ready for some punishments (Fun) and together that is what we will have so lets have some hairy times!! We will be Maschalophilous today meaning people who have arousal from armpit hair and wait for it Axillism refers to the use of the armpit for sex.

This is more common in Europe where women allow their armpit hair to grow (also legs and vagina) This area is very sensitive to the flicker of a tongue or the warmth of a penis. Unshaven hair is also said to retain pheromones the sex hormones that cause arousal when inhaled.


  • A weird sex position. In which you masturbate via your partners armpit
  • You wana get axilismed?
  • depends, what is it?
  • Spread your left arm out

The advantages of axillism for men are that of a tight fit, friction against the penis, close proximity to the Breasts and no risk of pregnancy or disease. Beware Axillism when engaged in within a day of shaving procedure produces more sensation but later underarm stubble can cause irritation of the penile skin that is another story!!

I have a problem with this one!! if I receive a request for it I have to have a couple of weeks notice as I do not have hairy armpits or legs at all times that out of the way I look forward to a bit of Axillism

_Mistress K. How does the man on the moon cut his hair…… he eclipses it _

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