Stuff Your Face

Hi slaves I just would like to wish you a kinky sexy fetish debauched xmas for those who just want to relax with no distractions lie on the settee stuff your face with goodies till you cannot move (it is called gluttony)

A glutton is a person who eats an extreme amount of food and following this is either unable to move or runs directly to the toilet to vomit. Gluttony is also one of the seven deadly sins. An over eater

A fat f*** who spends his time washing other peoples dishes, eating and plays his computer while f-ing jars of ketchup.

  • On the first day of Christmas,I could not wait 12 days!!
  • I gave my sexy babes
  • A most lovely tube of vanilla lube.
  • I gave my sexy babe
  • Two silken scarves,
  • Three butt plugs
  • Four cock rings
  • Five Anal Beads
  • Six enema kits
  • Seven sound spankings
  • Eight pairs of handcuffs
  • Nine sets of paddles
  • Ten Hanky panties
  • Eleven studded collars
  • Twelve licking nipples licking nuts stuffing mince in each other’s butts.

Merry Christmas there will be punishments think about them over the holidays I know I will.

_Mistress K. Love you all Large and small. Old and young lets have some erotic and kinky fun. _

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