Being Helpless

i Slaves hope you are all well and I also hope you are need of some so when my slave become extra cheeky and I decide to tie him up for the bants and whip his ass discipline. I am ready and waiting to give you plenty of it

Total enclosure fetishism is a form of sexual fetishism whereby a person becomes aroused when having entire body enclosed in a certain way. Total enclosure is often accompanied by some element of bondage.

Some total enclosure activities include:

In rubber fetishism, rubber suits, gas masks and similar garments and accessories are used for total enclosure.

Vacuum beds rigidly enclose the entire body under a rubber sheet with a small breathing tube.

Sleepsacks and body bags are also used as less rigid enclosure alternative to the vacuum beds, although some are made in inflatable form to increase pressure on the occupant's body

In spandex fetishism, zentai suits are used for total enclosure in skintight fabric from head to toe. In the case of zentai, the wearer breathes through the loose-woven fabric itself, the garment is not as tight as a rubber or PVC garment would be, and the costume generally comes off with a zipper that can be operated by the wearer. Being sealed within a giant stuffed animal or murrsuit (sexual fursuit). Although experiences of these activities are regarded as claustrophobic, total enclosure fetishists like to practice these activities, sometimes combining them with bondage to intensify feelings of helplessnes


As with all activities involving bondage or potential risk to breathing, this can be a risky activity. To be discussed.

_Mistress K If your kinky and you know it clap your hands or I will tie you up in rubber bands!! _

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