Saints or Sinners

Hi sluts slaves and sinners perhaps a few angels too, even angels need to be sinners sometime, you know what they say variety is the spice of life!! Hope you are well and staying safe. Feeling bored and need some one to dominate and tell you what to do, here I am (although I am never bored) thinking of horrible things to do to my committed slaves.

I had a visitor last week a rather nice looking man I had never seen him before spoken many times, at last we meet, he was carrying a case (no dead bodies I hope).

I had to be dressed as an Angel and he was the devil little does he know perhaps it should have been the other way round!! He wanted to be chastised for being a sinner (should have sent him to the church). Although he said he was not religious he told me this story below.

Satan and his angels rebelled against God and proudly presumed to try their strength with his. And when he by his almighty power, overcame the strength of Satan, and sent him like lightning from heaven to hell with all his army of angels; Satan still hoped to get the victory by subtlety. I think he did.

After this he wanted (you guessed it) to be whipped by an Angel (me)of course, I did and the harder I whipped the more he enjoyed it he left soon after and took his horns with him. Never saw him again he did call me a couple of times to thank me for punishing him, always a pleasure.

_Mistress K: Sometimes a devil to lead you astray _

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