Joys of the Rope

Hi slaves far and wide, old and young hope we are all staying safe but enjoying life too. A lot of you know the joys of rope/bondage for those who are not to sure read on.

Different people find different benefits and different things to enjoy in rope. I wouldn’t expect everyone to appreciate all the things about rope; but if there’s something in this post that ignites a spark, something that really appeals, then I’d say there’s a very high likelihood that rope bondage is for you.

Sometimes rope bondage is about the struggle; being caught, overpowered, tied mean and hard and rough, until finally the person in rope has to give in, to admit defeat. That can be what arouses ; being overpowered, mastered, captured by someone else’s skill and strength, having them “earn” the right to do as they want with the tied up person’s body. There can be S&M elements involved; trust me, it is not difficult at all for a rope top to provide harsher sensations for those that enjoy them. Other times it’s more about the enjoyment of (consensual and negotiated) fantasies of non-consent. Which can be pretty fun, when properly negotiated/discussed first.

Submission/Freedom Other times rope bondage creates an opportunity for a person in rope to submit to the whim of the other; the ties, the positions, the speed and mood, all decided upon and made to happen by the person tying. They can find it incredibly freeing; suddenly there’s no performance anxiety at all, because the other person makes all the decisions. Some people have even found themselves able to orgasm in bondage when they never, ever could before. Others have just gotten a massive happy from obeying or submitting. Being a human canvas for art, or a subject for “science ” (creating new ties, testing new knots, etc) can be immensely satisfying for the submissively inclined.

Mistress K Roses are red the sun is gold get on your knees and do as you are told

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