Pumping the Pumpkin

Hi slaves what are you doing at Halloween We all know that what you do in the privacy in your own home is up to you

But if there’s one feature most carved pumpkins severely lack, it’s a hole you can fuck. Usually they’ve got like a ghost face on them or a witch face on them and, yes, they’re fun to look at but they’re almost impossible to put your dick in. If you do not have pumpkin just have a wank on some item that turns you on!! I can watch.

Having Sex With Pumpkins

Seems weird, but it's legit. "Pumpkins are shaped like buttocks, they are good for carving holes into, are firm on the outside, squishy on the inside, and have a hard, phallic stem,. It wasn't long before people figured out they could have sex with one. Maybe take that spare pumpkin with you into the bedroom. If you do not feel like humping it you can always eat it.

The Smell of Pumpkin

It's not just penetrating a pumpkin that turns people on, but also the scent. "The smell, according to one clever study that had men blindly smell different scents while measuring their penis growth, marking arousal, found that pumpkin, when combined with another flavour, was the biggest turn-on," she says. Rub some pumpkin spice on your body before you start.

Mistress K. I will get the pumpkins in, just in case you fancy a slice!!!

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