Red for Danger

When I wear Red you know you are in trouble so if you want some trouble call me ask me if I am wearing Red then decide, I will be in a very bad mood about something a visit means you will find out what it is!!!

Red has also long been associated with blood, which is in turn associated with courage, sacrifice, revolution and pain. Because of this connection with pain, red evokes a feeling of fear and alertness that makes it suitable as a color of danger or warning. Red color stands for violence and danger because of its resemblance to the color of human blood, and is also associated with warnings. ... Too much of red can provoke aggression and irritation.

Egyptian women used red ochre as a cosmetic to redden cheeks and lips I will certainly redden your cheeks and I do not mean the ones on your face, no putting padding in your pants to stop the pain (I know you all like pain) and when I wear Red that is what you will get.

Red is the color of danger. It represents everything we live and breath for. It's passion and war. Love and strength. Blood and will. It's the fire that burns the forest only to be reborn in it's image. It's adrenaline and rage and a quite moment where you're on the top of the world, or the bottom. Red is killers and blood, freaks and victims.

Mistress K If you come to visit me and I am wearing Red you will be beaten and humiliated and will under take tasks that I expect to be done NO QUESTIONS!!!

6ft Dominant Mistress - Huddersfield Mistress

I am Mistress Kristina a professional Dominatrix based in Huddersfield, I am passionate powerful, driven and demanding all of the time. I offer sessions in a converted domestic environment where your safety is my priority and your boundaries are respected So Welcome to my world where you will be under the control of a strict and manipulative Mistress where your fantasies can become reality.

Mistress Kristina – Independent Mistress in Huddersfield

Huddersfield Mistress K