The Black Widow

Hi Guys hope you are all ok and do not have a fear of spiders, why you say? Well i was reading (yes I can read) about the Black Widow Spider so beware!! My friend has a Black Widow spider called Horace, if any of you have a spider fetish I can bring him along he loves female spiders even though they eat him, shush he does not know that until it is too late but it is while he is having fun mating!!!

The Black Widow A male eating female that will put you in the hospital if she got the chance... she is one of the most poisonus spiders to be discoverd

If you get bitten by a black widow spider.....Confucius say youre fucked

Female black widow spiders start eating their partner in the middle of sperm transfer during copulation, a new study shows. Researchers in Canada have described the disturbing mating behaviour of a black widow spider species endemic to South America, called Latrodectus mirabilis.

Cannibalism between the two sexes is initiated by females 'through leg grasping and piercing during mating', they reveal from lab observations. Go Girls.

Overall, 70 per cent of females cannibalised their first mate, they observed, but this number jumped to 85 per cent if the female had mated previously.

The freshly deceased cannibalised male might also be less likely to become a parent, because the female is then free to copulate with other males good for her.

Gruesome video footage shows an unfortunate male dwarfed by its relatively gigantic lover in his final moments what a turn on for some males even some that are not spiders.

Mistress K I have come across a lot of creepy crawlers in my life and they were not insects!!

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