A taste of Liquidphilia

Hi Slaves what’s up, no!! not that sort of up, I mean how are things in our not so normal lives while all this is going on I have been having fun with the blogs with all the Philia’s I did not know there was sooo many. I have sort of become addicted to finding them, although I carried out some of these requests there are a few I had not come across, I am very willing to take part in them but only at my request!!

LIQUIDPHILIA Sexual attraction to liquids possibly Wine or Champagne (not really)

Sexually based ‘entertainment’ hosted in pubs, bars and/or restaurants (e.g., wet T-Shirt or jock-strap competitions, naked women swimming inside large aquariums) The use of water as a lubricant to facilitate insertion of bodily parts (e.g., fingers, toes) or sex toys into various bodily orifices

The use of baby baths along with the addition of child’s bath toys for those who derive sexual pleasure from being an adult baby (i.e., infantilism). She also claims that Tiberius Caesar had a passion for aquatic sex. She claims Caesar trained young boys (that he called ‘minnows’) to swim after him and come up from below to nibble and suck on his genitals.

Liquidophilia the fetish of having your dick submerged in liquids, like honey or water, etc.

  • person a: I think i might have liquidophilia
  • person b: liquidophilia?what’s that?
  • person a: it’s when you like having your dick wet with anything from water to syrup.

_Mistress K I have plenty of honey and water all I need is your dick _

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