Poor Old Soles

BASTINADO a form of punishment or torture that involves caning the soles of someone's feet. Not mine yours. Hi all hope you are all well and waiting for some fun and you know what fun means in my world!!! On that note come along lets start the Bastinado fun, for those of you are that way inclined.

Definition: Bastinado derives from the word ‘baston’, which in English becomes ‘baton’, a stick for striking the bottom of someone’s feet, originally used as corporal punishment for thousands of years worldwide. Now adopted as foot kink play.

Bastinado, also known as foot whipping, is a method which consists of hitting the soles of a person’s bare feet. Unlike most types of flogging, this punishment was meant to cause more pain than actual injury. It works because there are a high number of nerve endings in the base of your foot as anyone who has stepped on a Lego block or electric plug will testify. As the skin under the soles of the feet are very sensitive.

Bastinado can be spiced up with hot wax or cigarette burns to the soles of the feet. Wetting the feet causes increased stinging. Pegs between the toes is another option if you are a really bad.

FOOT SLAVE A foot slave or footboy is usually a male teen or older who /massages/caressess/licks/kisses/sucks the toes of his mistress.

A person who is lucky enough to devote his life to worshiping his mistress' feet. He lives only to serve her feet. Get on the floor foot slave and suck my toes so they're nice and wet!

My friend Gemma had loved having her own footslave, she teased him, she whipped him for not licking her toes properly and she tortured him. But he loved being under her sweaty feet all day as he had a foot fetish. She tired of feet and really liked the whipping and spanking and she was very good at it.

Mistress K Walk this way for a very very exciting foot fetish day

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