Let's get ratty

Hi Slaves hope you are staying safe and behaving yourselves if not WHY not!!

I know sometimes I get gruesome but those are only on my days when a slave has upset me and if he does, well he knows the consequences but certainly not the one in my blog below.

at torture. Ancient Romans used to tie a person down and open their guts, leaving a person to be eaten by rats. However, the problem with this approach was, the rats could eat the ropes and help the victim to escape. Some people like rats and think they are cute my friend has five rats, I promise I will not borrow them for torture reasons unless you have some information I need to know!!

However, the most common way of using rats for torture was to simply lock prisoners into the room full of rats. Rats would bite poor prisoners and crawled over them while they would sleep. This would instill fear into the victims and made them talk. Fear is a far more powerful interrogation tool than the pain.

Rat torture was and can be a form of animal cruelty. Imagine poor animals being trapped in a cage and forced to dig their way out of entrails full of feces.

The first documented case of usage of rat torture is from the 17th century from Europe. During the Dutch revolt, Dutch leader Diederik Sonay used rat torture to extract valuable information from captured prisoners. A rat can interrogate prisoners far more effectively than even the most skilled torturer can manage.

We have a long history of developing inventive ways to hurt each other. Exploring the topic of torture I’ve encountered a seemingly endless list of torture devices and methods. There are a lot of cruel ways to die, but rat torture is the worst.

Mistress K If life was like a rat race I would rather be the cat, even if you win a rat race you will still be a rat

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