Balls or testicles

Hi Christmas Merry Makers how are your balls (for the Christmas tree) hanging loose or just dangling from the branches swathed in various shades of Tinsel, I know some fun ways to use tinsel perhaps you do too I am open to suggestions. Lets have some fun with your balls.

Testicles although sometimes called balls are not as pretty as our Christmas balls but I can do something about that!!! Testicles are the male organs that hang in the scrotal Sac and produce spermatozoa they are equivalent to the female ovaries!

The Testicles were once so sacred that a oaths were given while someone held the testicles of the man swearing in their hand, thus the terms testimony and testify. Women once assisted their husbands in quarrels by grabbing the opponent by his testicles and squeezing. Legislation soon passed that penalised women by cutting off the offending hand.

Testicles are often used in S/M games. They are squeezed in cock and ball torture, have weights hung on them are separated with straps and held in the mouth and gently rotated. Very rarely they are pierced. An organisation called the Ball Club was founded for those who have a special interest in testicles. A quarterly newsletter allows members to run personal ads or submit articles erotic stories photos and artwork. Not all the ads are from men. The following is extraordinary.

Example: Sadistic butch bi female and lover/slave into severe ball torture and the tears and suffering it can cause. Long hard sessions of ball crushing beating burning needles and knives

Why do people say grow some balls, balls are weak and sensitive if you really want to get tough grow a vagina those things take a pounding!!

Mistress K Bring your balls I will provide the tinsel and the bat if required

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