Teddy Bears

Hi Slaves remember a song called Me and My teddy Bear we play and play all day I loved my teddy bear but not sexually. Everyone is different!!

In June 2015, a Cincinnati man was arrested for masturbating in public with a teddy bear. He had been arrested for the same offense three times before. Perhaps he had ursusagalmatophilia, an erotic attraction to teddy bears. While the attraction can express itself through super-affectionate cuddling, other folks strap dildos to their bears or insert Fleshjacks into holes sewn into their bodies. Sadly, Build-A-Bear Workshop doesn’t offer these adult customizations, but you can find them at bearmods.com.

Romantic attachments can also be formed to these bears. Some people will treat the bear like an imaginary friend, talking and hanging out with it, “feeding” it or imbuing it with personality traits and complex emotional feelings. Others will collect lots of bears, treat their stuffed animals as if they’re supernaturally alive or get pleasure from destroying them. If all this sounds oddly familiar, it might be because teddy bear-lovers are also known as “plushies” or plushophiliacs, people who have a love of stuffed animals. Plushophilia is itself similar to asagalmatophilia (a love of statues, dolls and mannequins), something I have written about in the past.

Bear love also contains an aspect of bear worship. Many religions across the world worship personified animals (like Hanuman, the Hindu monkey god), human-animal hybrids (like Horace, the hawk-headed Egyptian god) or inanimate objects (like the kami spirit in Shintoism.

Mistress K Teddies welcome but they must behave or become my slave!!

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