Male sex robot versus vacuum cleaner

Hi Slaves anyone heard of the new sex robots the male version. or do you think you are like a sex robot? Lets see. visit me and we will find out. I am not sure that only ladies would want male sex robot but there may be plenty of men that would love a Henry

HUMPIN’ HENRY World’s first sex robot for women launched complete with customisable penis, fake stubble and Brad Pitt’s chiselled torso WOW Henry is the world's first sex robot for women and he can recite your favourite poem or song lyric.as well as tell jokes.

HENRY is also the name of a vacuum cleaner and we all know what can be done sexual with that!! My Henry is always languishing in the cupboard but ready to be whisked out at a moments notice for certain slaves who happen to like what he does, for that you will have to visit me and find out.

REALBOTIX, the company behind the RealDolls sex robots, is ready to start full production on its first male doll, called Henry. Henry might appear to be every heterosexual girl’s dream, with his rugged appearance and angular cheekbones which have been compared to a “young Brad Pitt (Really)

Henry can also welcome you home after a long day - all with a British accent, if you want. The company does produce a range of male dolls, which can be customised to some extent. While the basic dolls also called Michael, Mick and Nate have a basic design things such as eye and hair colour can be selected, as well as skin tone. Buyers can also select penis type, which can be detachable.

All 5' 11" of Henry can be yours for around £7,800 ($10,000) but the price varies depending on the specifications the buyer selects. Stick to the Vibrator ladies or the real thing. He's also well-equipped in an AI sense . Have to work harder to get the money for this.

Mistress K I leave this to your imagination no replacement for me. I love my flesh and blood clients / Slaves keep on coming guys. Henry awaits Xxxxx

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