Philia or Phobia

From the Ancient Greek meaning ‘brotherly love’, the word philia be is used as a suffix for many fetishes. The opposite of phobia, a philia is defined as having a fondness for something or, more usually, an ‘abnormal love’ for a specific thing.

A fetish is a type of philia where the ‘abnormal love’ is sexual where arousal and/or orgasm are dependent on the object of the philia.

Phobia A secondary word for a fear of something , example , i have aracnophobia (Fear of spiders ). I have Acrophobia (fear of heights). A persistent, irrational fear of a specific object, activity, or situation that leadsto a compelling desire to avoid it

Philia A noun synonymous with 'fetish' and 'kink,' as well as 'love' and 'passion,' a philia is a concept or object that arouses strong emotions/notions. People who are philias are regarded as objects of sexual desire rather than people who desire( a philia or philias); people who are Philiacs are those who desire a philia or philias.

Fetishes can be traced back to inciting events or moments but can just as likely occur from nowhere. Most fetishes aren’t considered a problem but in some people can cause significant problems. This could be a result of their fetish being illegal or dangerous such as bestiality or auto asphyxiation, the fetish may be so rare that it is difficult to satisfy or it could prevent the formation of satisfying relationships.

You may know many fetishes and there are many Something that satisfies your needs in a sexual way or in other words, the act of doing something that turns you on.

What does a guy with a foot fetish do on a first date, he gets off on the right foot (sorry)

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