Torture ship cruise

S&M Fans Descend On 'Torture Ship' With Chains And Leather For Sex Cruise Posted onAugust 31, 2020 Hundreds of fetishists donned black leather and brought chains as they boarded a sex cruise dubbed the “Torture Ship”.

In previous years, 600 S&M enthusiasts have boarded the vessel in Germany – but no more than 250 were allowed on this year during the coronavirus padenmic. Passengers were required to wear masks and stick to hygiene guidelines.

Onlookers previously gathered at ports to get a glimpse of the sex party, but they were closed off this year. Organiser Thomas Siegmund said: “The mood was good, a wild party wasn’t planned anyway.” He added: “It’s not profitable. But it’s about giving people a perspective out of the dilemma. Hundreds gathered to take part in the cruise last year, despite 30C weather.

Due to the conditions, organisers made sure paramedics were on board as a precaution. Participants, travelled all the way from Moscow, Russia. They say they made the long journey so they could be around like-minded people of the BDSM community. Kathrin, who dressed in a latex nun outfit, said: “In Germany, people are more tolerant and we can do this whereas in Russia we cannot.”

One stunned resident called the boat ride “quite an event”, although he felt that “not everyone has the figure for it”. Organiser Thomas wasn’t daunted by the crowds, and said the spectacle is an exciting one for locals. He remarked: “I think 90% of the public view it as an exhibition and look forward to it for months.”

Earlier this month, sex workers demonstrated how to have safe romps during the coronavirus pandemic in bizarre pictures. The pair, who were fully clothed and wearing masks, were snapped at a protest outside Dusseldorf’s state Parliament in western Germany. They brought along a bed and showed off several positions, with hand sanitiser nearby and a sign reading “red light on”. Photographers and baffled members of the public gathered to watch it unfold.

Others arrived with signs saying “sell sex, hate sexism” and “sex work is real work”. Sex work, which is legal in Germany but regulated.

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