Creating a permanent marking in a human or animal by heating a metal object, often molded to form the shape of the owner's initials, and pressed hard into the receipent's body.

This was common among farmers who branded their cattle to identify them as belonging to them. This can also be found in extreme BDSM and sadomasochistic scenarios, where the dominant partner "brands" the submissive partner as his or her own. These markings are also sometimes used to signify status within or connection to a group or for other social, political, or religious reasons. In some cultures, body branding is done for spiritual purposes

Often used in gangs, cults, or other groups where there are owner and slave type relationships. When a dealer or pimp burns his or her street name or a symbol onto someone. Doing so shows that this person is now his or her "property", and if the branded person is caught working for another pimp or dealer then both they and the branded person are marked as enemies of the first pimp or dealers group.

Some branding has been done to others to signify ownership and/or as punishment: Human slaves were often branded as property. The ancient Romans branded runaway slaves with the letters FVG, meaning “fugitive.” Criminals throughout history were branded for their crimes. . Enduring the pain is understood as a means to enter into a more heightened state of awareness.

Using Fabricated strips of galvanised sheet metal copper or tin as a brand. The skin is washed with soap and water (alcohol is combustible) sterilisation is not necessary because of the heat.

The person to be branded is put in a ;reclining position and the exact location for the brand is marked off with a pen. Some practice with the cold brand until they and their slave are both comfortable with the procedure. The brander then heats the metal to a cherry red and the partner is branded. The stroke is quick and even lasting no longer than a second. Afterward the burins covered with antibiotic cream and a non stick dressing

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