Hi Slaves thought you might be interested in a bit of double jointed fun read on and learn!!

(Autophilia Ipserotic)

Narcissisists derive sexual gratification from their own bodies or intellect. Narcissism is considered normal in the early development stages of youth, but not upon maturity. The types of activities in which the narcissist may engage include one or more of the following

Kissing oneself, prolonged use of a mirror, excessive grooming, masturbation, collecting trophies and photos, (often of own genitals), exhibitionism, homosexuality and attraction to partners because of similarity to oneself.

A few Narcissists have gone to even more extreme measures such as being aroused by listening to their own stomach noises, passing wind, performing autofellatio even drinking their own urine or semen.

Autofellatio is a form of male masturbation where the male bends in half to suck his own penis. There is a few different positions. The "C" position in which he sits in a chair and with his hands under his legs, pulls himself up to suck himself. The "Backwards C" position is where lying on his back, he bends backwards and "walks" down the wall behind him to reach himself. The hardest of all is the "X" position. The autofellatior locks his feet behind his head to reach his penis. The "fact" that less than 1 percent of men can accomplish this is WRONG. The reason it is so low a number is that most men who were asked if they can said no, even though they can, out of embarrasment. Recent studies show that it has gone from 1 percent to 3 or 5 percent in the last decade. More men or comfortable with themselves to admit it. You do not have to be well-endowed, (have a big penis) to enjoy autofellatio, although it does help. It all depends on how flexible you are.

There you have it, would be interesting to know how many of you are narcissists and tried the obove and still trying to unknot yourselves.

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