The Iron Chair

Greetings torture lovers and just lovers of torture. How are things going for you keeping safe. Happy you were not born in the dark ages OR are you???

The Iron chair was a torture device that was added to dungeons in the middle ages. It experienced its prime in popularity in Europe. The iron chair has many different variations depending on its location but they all consisted of 500-1500 spikes covering the whole chair with a hole on the seat for fire and coal to be placed under. "It was common to have a victim strapped to the chair watch the torture of another victim.

It was mostly used in a psychological way to coerce confessions out of people by watching other people suffer, "But although it would bring about a very slow and painful death, it was probably used more symbolically. With this thing in front of you, the chances are that you would comply with your captor pretty quickly. Although the iron chair was also used as punishment. Crimes that are punishable by the iron chair include adultery, witchcraft, murder, etc. It had many other names too, including the Chinese Torture Chair, Torture Chair, Chair of Torture, and Judas Chair. This instrument was used until the late 1800s in Europe.

Physically, this instrument punctures the skin while the person is tied down tightly onto the chair. If they do not cooperate, the person gets tied down tighter, digging the spikes deeper into their flesh. The large hole at the bottom of the seat was made to put coal and fire under to burn the victims lower body parts and slowly roast them alive. This torture technique did not necessarily cause death itself, it was usually followed with an infection after the person was released. Death was far from instant with the iron chair This could go on for hours, sometimes days. The spikes did not penetrate vital organs and blood loss was minimized — at least until the person was released from the chair.

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