My name is Mistress K

I am woman (mistress) who is dominant to you and will gladly punish you at any time for any thing. You may call me a bitch.

You missed a spot on the window... Bend over to be spanked!

The Mistress is NOW. No Ordinary Woman. You may have heard of a BDSM Mistress, but what does this term truly mean? What qualities and facets does it encapsulate? Why are Mistresses so highly valued and sought after?

Don’t make the mistake that many do: a Mistress is very different to a Dominatrix or a session Domme. Unlike ladies who Dominate or Top for a session, a Mistress owns her property over the long term and the power exchange is not necessarily limited to the dungeon environment.

_Why not pay a visit and find out I will tell and show you all you need to know. _

ORIGIN from the Old French maistresse, from maistre 'master'

  • A woman in a position of authority or control.
  • A woman who is skilled in a particular subject or activity. (possibly sexually
  • A woman that is the dominating role in a dominate/submissive relationship or arrangement. She is always the mistress of the situation.

Mistress K. My 'slave' knows that if he disappoints his mistress he will surely be punished.

6ft Dominant Mistress - Huddersfield Mistress

I am Mistress Kristina a professional Dominatrix based in Huddersfield, I am passionate powerful, driven and demanding all of the time. I offer sessions in a converted domestic environment where your safety is my priority and your boundaries are respected So Welcome to my world where you will be under the control of a strict and manipulative Mistress where your fantasies can become reality.

Mistress Kristina – Independent Mistress in Huddersfield

Huddersfield Mistress K