Thumb screws, why not!

Hi all you fetish fans hope you are well and misbehaving yourselves in some strange and interesting ways, I get excited just thinking about them. Soon we can share as sharing is caring so they say, not to sure about that saying!!

During the Middle Ages, monarchs, armies and religious organisations employed any means necessary to maintain power. Those means included torturing suspects to extract confessions. One of those methods of torture was a thumbscrew, a small and simple device that slowly crushed both thumbs. Oh Aww missus.

First, an origin story. Historians believe the thumbscrew came from the Russian army. Officers used the device to punish soldiers who misbehaved. A Scottish man brought one home to Western Europe, and blacksmiths were able to copy the design.

The victim placed their thumbs in the device. The people interrogating the person would slowly turn the screw, which pushed a wooden or metal bar onto the thumbs and squeezed them. A torture device of many forms and shapes. The main purpose it serves is to inflict slow and excruciating pain to the fingers or toes of a victim.

This caused agonising pain. It was slow at first, but then pain accelerated the more someone turned the screw. Someone could tighten the screw quickly or slowly. An interrogator might squeeze someone’s thumbs tightly, wait for several minutes, then make slow turns after that. In between screams and whimpers, someone might confess. Eventually, the thumbscrew broke one or both bones in both thumbs. The thumbscrew was one of the most effective torture devices in history. Some people would call that the good old days!!

There is more: A sexual technique involving the thumb (or both thumbs) to screw or fuck their partner or victim. Usually performed in the thumbs upt or handshake position.

1: After the thumbscrew was applied to the cookie monster, he confessed to taking all my cookies.

2: If you insert your thumb in an orifice then you are thumb-screwing.

Mistress K The next time someone says “You’re screwed,” think about the thumbscrew. Then, hide your thumbs.

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