Naughty but Nice

Hi hope you naughty girls and boys are safe self isolating. Use this time to update all your naughty ideas we can do them soon hopefully. Nothing serious in the blog today just a bit of fun.

Naughty but nice, a way of describing something in way that shouldn’t be good and yet somehow is. An adjective that describes a bad girl who needs to be punished (usually by fucking her), or a lady who wears tight, revealing clothing. Can also apply to a female who is into bondage . The naughty demoness wore nothing but leather and lace during her reign of terror. But at least she was a hot babe.

Someone who has done something wrong in the things they say, the actions and gestures they do or the way they act. As a result of this, the person in question to be Punished


Alex has been a Naughty boy and as a result he needs to be punished. Bring on the sex toys and take off the clothes and lets do some riding already!

A disobedient man who needs to be punished to show him who's boss. Alternatively a man who has been kinky/flirty or is damn right sexy.

  • Girl one: 'Greg has been a naughty boy and needs to be punished'

  • Girl 2: 'damn right he does he is too naughty not to go unpunished'

**Mistress K Naughty but nice I Multi Task **

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