Wartenburg wheel

Hi Slaves what have I in store for you as a special treat all your favourite things one day only as I am the one who commands. I came across a rather interesting article (I-read a lot) and yes I can read!!

These are also called pinwheels, and you can find them at any fetish shop, or online. These are small handheld rods, usually made of stainless steel, with a spinning wheel at the tip. The wheel is covered in sharp pins that rotate as the wheel is rolled over the skin. It was designed by Robert Wartenburg in the 19th century to test nerve reactions — they were rolled over patients’ skin to test their sensitivity. Although the sharp tips are not as small as needles, they are legitimately sharp, so be careful and do not apply any pressure. When rolled gently back and forth over the skin, these can cause an odd, discomforting, and extremely ticklish sensation.

Trying it on the ribs and sides, or your nether regions ideally when you are tied up . Be careful to go slow and remove it if you squirming too much, as you can accidentally hurt yourselves on the sharp pins. Try it and see I will be happy to try it on you as you never know until you try

Mistress K Happy to help you on your way to domination you never know until you try

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