Valentines Day Special

Something Special on Valentines Day (me of course). Its Valentines Day again time for some memorable beatings etc!!

With Valentines Day coming up, it seemed only prudent to run over a couple of fun ways that chocolate can be used in sex play. When using melted chocolate do not overheat it and burn you unless you like it that way and most of you would.

Chocolate . The most beautiful, delicious, amazing Tasting, wonderful, happy, wonderful, fantastic thing in the whole universe. Sweet, rich, mouth-watering. Tastes great with everything and is The solution to every problem, the answer to every question. Makes life worth living. Chocolate doesn't ask silly questions, chocolate understands.

INCREASES BLOOD FLOW TO SEXUAL ORGANS Chocolate contains an amino acid that is an effective natural sex-enhancer, It works by promoting blood flow to your reproductive organs which increases the level of sensation you receive. Chocolate packs an aphrodisiac punch that causes one to feel a higher level of desire, arousal and sexual satisfaction.

IGNITE YOUR TASTEBUDS Chocolate works chemically to usher in feelings of excitement, joy and contentment. Try slowly feeding chocolate to your slave. Use a mixture of textures, tastes and temperatures to keep your slave guessing; the anticipation and mystery will intensify the seductive experience that they experience.

To further enhance the time create a sexy guide that tells your slave where and when he wants to be touched .Like all things delicious, moderation is key. Just remember, too much chocolate can cause weight gain

You will bring me a Valentines Gift of chocolates and I may or may not let you share them. A chocolate or a few will be placed in your Anus and you will have to clean up the mess if you do not bring me a box of Chocolates to my liking GOT IT I want some and lots of it.

Mistress K Ready to play on Valentines Day

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