The Beastly Bugs

Hi Slaves hope you are being naughty I am in the mood to punish you.

For many, it takes more than intercourse, foreplay or fellatio to become sexually aroused and orgasm. These select few are literally freaks ( I love them already) and like to take their sexual activities to new heights that are beyond imaginable.

Human sexuality has always been a fascinating topic and paraphilias is definitely interesting. This is a clinical term that refers to really unusual and bizarre sexual practices and forms of sexual expression.

There are many paraphilias, with some counting as many as 547 strange sexual acts that people engage in. Many are super rare and aren’t seen enough to be given their own clinical diagnoses or enough research to find out more about the sexual tendency. Some of the most popular ones include fetishes (where a person is sexually fixated on some object or body part) and sadomasochism (where people experience sexual pleasure by giving or receiving pain). But whatever the case is, many of these odd sexual expressions are anything but normal. Here are some of the most incredibly bizarre sexual practices around (and there’s still many more just as strange):


Bugs aren’t exactly the first things that come to mind when you want to get aroused. But then there are a few people who can’t “release” themselves without some help from their insect friends. This type of bizarre sexual act has a person getting sexually aroused by having lots of bugs (usually ants) crawl all over and bite them, usually on their private parts. The thought alone just gives you the jitters! And we can only imagine the type of bite marks, pain and itchiness is incurred by such a crazy sexual act. This is totally not our cup of tea


Anal sex is currently on the rise and quite a popular sexual act among many nowadays. Even though it’s an ancient practice, many are barely admitting that they partake and enjoy the sexual act. Well, “goatse” is to the term that’s used to describe anal stretching, which was made popular (even though the act has been around for a while). There is an entire website that’s devoted to the act and it’s not exactly pleasant. Anal stretching is really graphic and sort of gross, with its purpose supposedly being a way to better enjoy anal sex so that the object entering can have a better fit. We don’t know about you, but we’re perfectly satisfied with the size of our anus, thank you very much!

People like to get freaky when they have sex and that’s totally cool, but then there are a few who go above and beyond the norms of freaky and are straight out weird when it comes to their sexual preferences. From cannibal fantasies to getting off thinking that you’re a baby, sexual expression is a very personal thing. But hey, who are we to judge, right? As long as those people aren’t harming anyone else and they find others who are cool with their sexual weirdness, then we’re all for an orgasm no matter how it’s achieved!

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