Erogenous or Arousal

Hi Guys ready for this weeks onslaught AROUSAL it may not sound exciting but it will be An erogenous zone is ‘part of the body that excites sexual feelings when touched or stimulated. Three types exist you may know them if not you will soon find out, know what i mean !!

PRIMARY ZONES These are the organs that trigger orgasm when stimulated. Primary erogenous zones in men are located on the penis; arousal is generated through rubbing movements and i am certainly good at rubbing slapping whipping any thing the Mistress deems you deserve.

SECONDARY ZONES These areas also trigger arousal of the primary zones when touched, increasing sexual pleasure, but they are not always needed to reach orgasm.. The male secondary zones are the penis, the area around the anus and the inside of the thighs. Some men also like their nipples pinched and you will know it when I pinch them.

POTENTIAL ZONES The goal here is to trigger a series of exciting sensations that stimulate primary areas, bringing about erection. These erogenous zones have more of an erotic dimension and vary from one person to the next both in terms of their location and their intensity. It’s up to each individual to discover these zones don’t worry I will find them ALL you have been warned.

Do they always give you pleasure? It depends on the pleasure and there are loads of things that I can give to you. pleasure and pain.

Mistress. K your welcome to play

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I am Mistress Kristina a professional Dominatrix based in Huddersfield, I am passionate powerful, driven and demanding all of the time. I offer sessions in a converted domestic environment where your safety is my priority and your boundaries are respected So Welcome to my world where you will be under the control of a strict and manipulative Mistress where your fantasies can become reality.

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