Fact Fest Part two

Following on from last weeks fetish facts, this week some cultural and historical curiosities..

Cleopatra was an innovator of the vibrator and was said to pleasure herself with the vibrations created from a box full of angry bees

We may think of a love seat as a small couch today, but for King Edward VII of England, the love seat was a special chair he had at his favorite French brothel that allowed for a comfortable ménage à trois.

Brothels were so popular with Roman soldiers that special coins depicting sex acts were minted to use as brothel currency with prostitutes.

Male Chinese practitioners of Taoism during the Han dynasty engaged in sex without ejaculating as they believed semen was the essence of life and they didn't want to lose too much of it.

One of the earliest forms of erotica was fabliau: raunchy poems performed in medieval France with titles like "The Knight who made cunts speak."

The idea of witches riding broomsticks originated in Europe in the Middle Ages when some women applied hallucinogens to broomsticks and then delivered the drugs into their systems via the mucous membrane in the vagina.

The ancient Chinese were the earliest inventors of the cock ring. They used goat's eyelashes — for extra tickle stimulation.

Such is the rich tapestry of life. :)

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