Catheterophilia arousal from catheters some of my clients will know this but for those of you who do not loosen up I may ask questions to find out if you are reading my blogs and if not WHY not.

Catheterisation has been practised for over 4,000 years Ivory and Jade catheters have been found in ancient Chinese tombs and ritualistic catheterisation scents decorate Mayan pottery. Today catheters are used in sex play as a symbol of total control over a partner. This type of sex play is similar to to the catherisation found in health care facilities. If you fancy trying, call me we can discuss the procedure and I will wear my nurses uniform or you can if that is your thing.

I’m sure most of us can remember playing ‘doctors and nurses’ when we were kids but there are some people who never seem to grow out of it and engage in what has been termed ‘medical fetishism’. The fetish appears to be quite inclusive and wide ranging because the activity can comprise those individuals who are sexually attracted to people in the medical profession, people (usually heterosexual males) who derive sexual pleasure from their female sexual partners to dress up in a nurses uniform and/or individuals who derive sexual pleasure and arousal from actually being the recipients of a medical or clinical procedure (usually some kind of bodily examination). Some of these behaviours may be paraphilias or specialized fetishes.

Although the general public may view many of these behaviours as sexual perversions, those of us that study these behaviours prefer to call them paraphilias (from the Greek “beyond usual or typical love”). For those of you who have no idea what parahilias really are, they are uncommon types of sexual expression that may appear bizarre and/or socially unacceptable, and represent the extreme end of the sexual continuum. They are typically accompanied by intense sexual arousal to unconventional or non-sexual stimuli.

It is thought that paraphilias are rare and affect only a very small percentage of adults. It has been difficult for researchers to estimate the proportion of the population that experience unusual sexual behaviours because much of the scientific literature is based on case studies. However, there is general agreement among the Paraphilia community that almost all paraphilias are male dominated (with at least 90% of all those affected being men). Thats why I like to punish you.

No urine in 18 hours Catheter it is. Lets see now was that insert the catheter inflate Ballon or ...inflate ballon insert the catheter!!!

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