A Special Valentines Wish

Hi Slaves it is that special Day again Valentines, a whole year has passed and have we got some naughty memories stored, no roses for us unless you want to be scratched with the thorns. I know some of you would love it but for those who do not I will find the appropriate session for you,

Chocolates are acceptable to me on this special Day I already have been given one Valentines Day Present a photo will follow I think you will enjoy it when they are dangled in front of you. Use your imagination.

Lupercalia was a Roman fertility festival that is so ancient little is known of its origin. The festival was in honour of Rome’s founders, the twins Romulus and Remus, who were saved by a she-wolf when left for dead. After they had returned home to take back their stolen throne, they turned the wolf den of their youth into a sacred site

After the post-sacrificial ritual, a feast would ensue, then the two men would run around the town slapping or touching people with goat strips/thongs for purification. Women thought it would ensure fertility and ease childbirth, which explains why they would want to get slapped with a possibly bloody strap of goatskin. And we’re talking strips of goat skin, not thick leather, so think of it as light, festive slaps and not getting beaten.

Now we can pass along e-cards to our lovebirds. And while we grumble about commercialisation or that it’s just a manufactured holiday (which it is), at least no one in goat leggings is slapping you with strips of bloody goat skin. And if you are, who am I to yuck your yum. Enjoy the holiday in any consensual way you like

Mistress K Enjoy Valentines your way

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