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Somethings I blog about I would never actually do but I think it is fascinating the amount of fetishes fantasies and obsessions are out there


Being aroused or excited by heights, or by performing activities of a sexual nature at great heights sounds like the mile high club.

Types of philias and their obsessions

A philia is the love of or obsession with a particular thing or subject. The suffix -philia or -phile is used to specify the love or obsession with something more specific. It is the opposite of -phobia. The Greek word philia refers to brotherly love, including friendship and affection. This contrasts to the Greek terms eros, or sexual/romantic love, and agape, or detached, spiritual love. What follows is a list of words that have the suffix -philia. We all have our passions, see if any of these might be yours.


The love of rain – Does rainy weather put you in a good mood and make you feel intensely happy? If you love the mystery of rainy weather and feel like you just want to go walking in the rain, or just sit and watch the drops roll down the window, you are most probably a pluviophile.nature, at great heights. PERHAPS GOLDEN RAIN


The love of books – The smell of a book, the touch of a book, and you just want to own and read every single book that has ever been published. None of this kindle and e-reader nonsense, an actual good old fashioned book My friend masterbates while reading a book especially if it is a bout SEX


The love of cheese – Eating cheese in any form with every meal? You are a true turophile. With so many different types to choose from, who doesn’t love cheese? A lovely cheese platter matched with a good glass of wine – pure bliss. I have had clients who get off on the smell of

Smelly CHEESE I wonder why fish comes to mind!!


The love of wine – Whether you drink it, collect it or both, if wine is your passion, you qualify as an oenophile. If you have more wine in your house than groceries, this is you! WINE and CHEESE totally orgasmic although I do not drink I love CHEESE.


The love of anything shiny – We are talking serious bling. Being attracted  by glittery, shiny and sparkly things puts you straight into this category. Almost like a magpie in a way. If you slaves want to pander to my whims bring me bling.

Cure for obsession get another one.

Mistress K Obsessions welcome

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