Its in the eyes the windows to the soul

Greetings Slaves your Mistress here inquiring about your actions over the week, if you have been good then I will spare the rod but if you decided to be bad just because you think you can, well we will see what I have lined up for you. The eyes will tell me all I need to know.

The eyes are the windows to the soul” a pretty common metaphor. It’s kind of a weird expression for saying that the eyes of a person are supposed to give you insight into their inner world - their feelings, thoughts, etc. So the general idea is that if you look into a person’s eyes you get an idea of who they are. If you ever looked someone in the eyes and thought he/she looks like he/she/ is happy/sad/mean/nice then their eyes gave you a lot of information about the person’s emotional state. You can also tell a true smile from a fake one by looking into the persons eyes while they are smiling - faking a smile is pretty easy, we do it all the time. But when someone is truly happy and smiling, the corners of their eyes crinkle (where’s the Botox)- its natural.

So generally the phrase means that the eyes simply tell you things about a person their words might not its just like body language. It means you can tell a person’s intentions by looking in their eyes i.e. if the are not making eye contact, then they are lying to you (although check for other signs like jittery body language and dismissive speech to be sure). You better not lie to me!!

Whether the pupils are dilated indicating excitement and arousal, or contracted indicating disinterest. It’s about the click of recognition that occurs when two people who are self aware become directly aware of the awareness of another.

EYE SEX When you maintain eye contact with a stranger, in an oddly sexual manner, perhaps at the grocery store or driving down the street for more than five seconds, you have successfully managed to "do" someone, eye sex style.

Be careful though, don't want to share with your friends. Safe sex wear some SUNGLASSES!

Mistress K Eye contact is more intimate than words will ever be

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