Stapling not in the office or orifice

Hi slaves hope you are all ready for a lashing as I am very moody at the moment as I lost my stapler!!!

Stapling is done in S/M scenes as a form of control over a partners genitals. Surgical skin staplers with auto release are preferred but a few people have used the standard office (this is not advised due to the staples not being sterile they are also longer and more painful.)

The prongs of the surgical staples are about 1/8” long and curved inward so that they stay in place until removed. A special surgical remover is required for this procedure.

During S/M play people may staple the edges of the Scrotal skin to the thighs, the outer skin of the penis to the abdomen, the outer Labia together the buttocks together (painful unless there is a lot of loose skin) and a few have stapled the lips of the mouth. All of the genital staplings are considered a form of site specific bondage i.e the mouth stapling would take the place of a gag or a chastity device. The stapler is operated at a quick snap which reduces some of the pain as the staple enters the skin. Caution Staple play is considered a blood sport and therefore unsafe sex.

I have to say ouch as I have never been asked to staple a persons bits but if thats your bag bring your own stapler see what we can do, be informed I will not feel any emotion especially if you deserve it and you must have deserved something bad to be stapled.

Staplers welcomed Mistress K punishment all the way

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