Colour Codes

Slaves how are you today not that I care but I like to ask, even if I do not listen to your answer.

Handkerchief Codes are used by some S/M and gay groups. Colours denote preference for specific sexual activities and placing the handkerchief on the left side of the body tells potential partners the wearer is a top (one who does this to the other).

Colours on the right side of the body signal that the person is a bottom (one who has the act done to them) but you may all know this anyway, for those that do not its a learning curve.

Therefore people look for matching coloured handkerchiefs on the opposite side of the prospective partners body. The following chart shows the significance of specific colours.

  • BLACK: Heavy S/M
  • BLUE: Anal Sex
  • BLUE LIGHT: Oral Sex
  • PALE BLUE: Light S/M
  • BROWN: Coprophilia (Ironic)
  • GREY: Bondage
  • LAVENDER: Group Sex
  • LEMON: Catheters (Ironic)
  • MAROON: Vampirism
  • ORANGE: Anything
  • PINK: Lactaphilia
  • PURPLE: Piercing
  • RED: Fisting
  • WHITE: Novice
  • YELLOW: Urophilia
  • OLIVE: Military gear

I am sure I have left some out let me know if you know of any more it might be worth a spanking.

I wonder what my Handkerchief means it is Red with Black Skull and cross bones!!

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