Two types of S/M Orgasms

The third part of the acronym BDSM. S/M stands for Sadism and Masochism. This is usually the art of inflicting or receiving pain that causes sexual pleasure or thrill. Some S/M acts are occasionally viewed as Edge Play Some examples may include, intense flogging, Caning whipping, etc. Yes please

There are two basic types of orgasms and these can be differentiated between what the bottom (masochist) and top (sadist) experiences

The person engaging in a pain inducing activity or sensory deprivation may experience an altered. State orgasm. They may also experience intense exaggerated emotions if in bondage, a trance like state from which they gain ecstasy. It is described as more cathartic than the one experienced when topping.

The top (dominant) experiences more of a psychic or energy charged orgasm from watching and controlling the erotic response of the bottom. Some tops demand genital stimulation during play. However orgasm is at times reached with a simple touch on the surrounding area. Tops choosing not to include physical orgasm in a scene still experience a euphoric high. This sensation has been described by people as a warmth in the stomach that radiated outward through the extremities comparable to a tantric orgasm and similar to the feeling in your stomach after a fast elevator.

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