I have been studying things of a sexual nature for the last few years. During that time, I’ve learned a lot about what turns people on, from the vanilla to the kinky.  Just when I thought I’d heard it all..

I asked some of my friends to describe their biggest sexual fantasy of all time in their own words. Most of the fantasies that emerged weren’t particularly surprising to me and focused on things like threesomes, BDSM, and adding novelty and variety into one’s sex life, such as experimenting with sex toys or trying a new position.

However, there were some rare desires that stuck out because they just aren’t things you hear about every day, even if you’re someone like me who happens to be sexually orientated for a living. Here’s a look at Two of the more uncommon sexual fantasies I came across in my life. As you’ll see, more often than not, they appear to represent creative variations on common fantasy themes

The human cow One woman said her fantasy was to turn into a cow. Specifically, she described wanting to be force-fed hormones so that her breasts would swell and she would lactate continuously. In her fantasy, she is tied up in the center of town where people can come and use her as a human “milk machine” and have sex with her at will. 

Out of all the fantasies I received, there was only one like this; however, I later discovered that there is a whole porn genre devoted to women with cow’s bodies who get milked. In fact, a quick search on Internet yields over 1,500 hits for human cow! So what does this fantasy mean? Well, it obviously contains elements of bondage and submission, so it would fall under the general umbrella of BDSM; however, it also has a very fetishistic element to it with the emphasis on pumping and drinking breast milk.

The human doll One woman described her favorite fantasy as being turned into an inanimate doll one that sits in her own bedroom and is forced to watch while her husband has sex with a very attractive woman. The doll is turned on by the experience and wants to touch herself, but is physically unable to move.   

Aside from the doll angle, this fantasy overlaps with a fairly popular sexual desire known as cuckolding in which someone watches his partner have sex with another person. Cuckolding fantasies (a form of consensual nonmonogamy) often have a BDSM component in which the watcher/observer takes on a submissive, voyeuristic role and is sometimes humiliated in the process. 

Sometimes we need Fantasy to survive reality

When someone told me I lived in Fantasy land I nearly fell off my Unicorn.

Mistress K the perfect Fantasy enjoy.

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