Foot Fetish

Foot Fetish Sweaty socks and sniffing sports bras in the sweat fetish world

So while most think of other people’s sweat there are people getting off on the sweet musty stench of sweat.

There’s no specific, agreed upon term for sweat fetishes. The closest options are olfactophilia or osmophilia, which are fetishes for odours emanating from the body, maschalagnia, a fetish for armpits, or salophilia, which is finding pleasure and arousal in salty things. But the lack of an official term doesn’t mean sweat fetishes aren’t popular.

One client of mine found out he was into sweat after buying worn underwear and stockings. He was asked if he’d be interested in buying sweaty gym gear, and found it a huge turn on. Now he buys sweaty gym clothes, socks, sports bras, and underwear from charity shops or gym gear that has been dropped. I get them extra sweaty, he tells me It’s the aroma. It’s kind of hard to explain but the scent just does it for me. Particularly sweaty panties, there’s no better smell. The sweaty items I wear and sniff and I also use them when masturbating. Inhaling the scent gives me a huge orgasm. There’s little research into sweat fetishes, so the exact psychology of why people get off on sweat isn’t clear.

Perhaps that’s why men are more likely to have sweat fetishes than women. On a psychological level, sweat fetishes are often to do with being dominated, and finding pleasure in being given what’s essentially a waste product. Many of those with sweat fetishes will also be submissives who enjoy the degradation of being made to smell or lick another person’s dirty clothing. Then, of course, there’s good old taboo factor. Sweat is one of those things that we socially accept is gross, unacceptable, or dirty that’s why you’re encouraged to wipe down your gym equipment after use and why we’re all so paranoid about BO.

The community is diverse, made up of people of different ages and sexual identities who simply want to be left to engage in something they enjoy. ‘I want people to know that no matter what your fetish is there’s a safe place for it, Sweat and foot fetishes are to be embraced. Like most fetishes, you won’t know unless you try.

Foot Fetish A huge desire to smell, lick touch, taste, see, suck, female feet. She told me to lay under her feet, she then rubbed her socked feet under my nose, the smell almost made me cum, soon her socks were off and I was lucky enough to have my face buried in the soles of her feet, I enjoyed it so much I knew I had a foot fetish

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