Whipping July into shape

Planning a trip to Barcelona. Few people know it, but July 24th was and is World BDSM Day! A day where all (consensual) hits are allowed and which owes its existence to a very famous BDSM club of the city of Barcelona

How was this particular day born? Why is there a BDSM day? The success of this initiative has been such that, little by little, other clubs have taken up this idea, which soon had international repercussions. BDSM lovers also identify with this vision of their passion lived 24 hours a day and 7 days a week In mythical place in the city of Barcelona – the Rosas Cinco Club, founded in 2003 by Kurt Walter Fisher, a Swiss BDSM lover. Few people know that this club is historically very important for two major reasons.

The first is that [the Rosas Cinco Club] is the first club in Europe dedicated to BDSM, [founded] before others appeared in various parts of the continent.

The second reason is that, to dramatize the practice of BDSM as well as to offer its followers a day that would be devoted to their passion, Kurt Walter Fisher proposed in 2003 that July 24 will become the international day of BDSM.

In the BDSM world, the notion of 24/7 (which is July 24th on the calendar) refers to the total servitude of the submissive who is available to their master or mistress 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How is this World BDSM Day celebrated? Over the past 15 years, Club Rosas Cinco has been busy organizing multi-day events as it approaches July 24th to celebrate World BDSM Day. Conferences, concerts, Shibari shows … Different artistic performances that take place in order to break the taboos and correct the misconceptions around the BDSM.

What attracts people to BDSM? What do people hope to find there? If the BDSM intrigues you, we invite you to dip your toes into the word of pleasurable pain by spending a few days in Barcelona at the end of July. Between bathing at the beach you can go watch some performances of Shibari – what could be a better way to spend your time in the country of passion?

Missed the boat There is always next year lets do it this is an order!!

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