The Bed of Nails

Hi Slaves waiting to give you a torturous time, I am ready when you are. I had a strange request from a new client, as I am open to giving you any treatments you crave this actually was a new one on me.

A bed of nails with a two inch separation between the nails, (if you don’t understand bed of nails and how it works, yes that is damn impressive).

The Bed of Nails was requested and on this occasion I will inform you of this treatment as it seems to have health benefits too.

Lying on a Bed of Nails is a passive form of masochism (sounds good I hear you say) A bed of nails is an apparatus which consists of a rectangular piece of wood the length and width of the body that has a 4-5” long 2 gauge or larger nails driven through at 1.5 intervals ok maths lesson over.

The bed has been used in Eastern religions to create intense sensations, possibly sending the person into an altered state of consciousness. Today is is done in India primarily as a tourist attraction. Some S/M communities have adopted it and use it as it was originally intended.

The pain felt while lying on the bed directs attention to the body and its sensations. This helps one to ignore the emotional pressures from the rest of the day it becomes a stress purgative. The sensation is painful for the first few minutes but becomes dull and decentralised after about 20 minutes. Physical pain that one has control over stimulates a persons immune system and if you engage in this type of activity may regenerate the immunity that long term stress compromises. The experience leaves the user feeling invigorated. Any one interested before I order one I could always order one with bigger nails, ouch.

Masochism is a valuable job skill come and find out I have the skill and I use it.

Mistress K or your highness depending on my mood.

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