Erotic Enemas

Erotic enemas are enjoyed by a wide number of the population. People who enjoy enemas as a sexual stimulant are called klismaphiliacs. Enema play has a strong appeal to those who enjoy anal stimulation.

For those who are into dominance and submission, the act of giving/receiving an enema is a satisfying demonstration of those roles during a scene. Being ordered to hold your bowels while your stomach is churning and cramping can be quite erotic and emotional as well.

When I engage in enema play, I always plan ahead, planning ahead will make the experience enjoyable and sexy. Physical discomfort, fumbling about for equipment, and cleaning up unintended spills is so not hot (unless these events are part of the scene I have planned, in which case that’s hot). Sometimes I set up the scenario that you wish with candles, bondage equipment, costumes, etc. Creating a comfortable place to lie down once the enema has been administered. My slaves rest on a couple of beach towels on the bed or floor. No matter where I decide to hold your enema, be sure I have planned ahead as to where you will evacuate your bowels once I have decided and have given you permission to do so.

Get into a comfortable position to receive your enema. I will decide which position and if you are really well behaved I will allow you to decide the position you prefer.. My favourite position for my slaves partaking in enema play is doggie style, with your bottom in the air and your chest on the floor. Many enema play enthusiasts express that the over the knee position is their favorite pose for enema administration Also for a little spanking (but thats another story)

When it is time to evacuate your bowels, move to the toilet with the nozzle still inside you. Do not remove it until you are in position to void.

Enema play can be a very erotic experience when planned and done correctly. As with any of the edgier sexual activities. If you need a little help in addressing the topic of enema play or you just want to expand and explore enema play I am here to guide and correct you .

So Happy my slaves are enema life

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