Falling Down

I found this on the internet, but can not say I have ever had a request for this one. Fetishes are subjects that are endlessly fascinating. They are part of what make people interesting. It makes those people more fascinating when their fetishes are dangerous. Would you risk a broken neck for an orgasm? There's at least one person that will.

Climacophobia is a fear of falling down stairs. That makes sense as a phobia because one could die from falling down stairs. The human instinct for survival is a part of phobias, especially one that could so obviously lead to death or injury. Climacophilia is fascinating because it doesn't make any sense and is so rare.

Climacophilia is a fetish for falling down stairs. The people that have Climacophilia can get aroused without stairs, but their most intense orgasms will happen while falling down stairs. One of the interesting things about Climacophilia is that it's the direct opposite of a phobia. Climacophilia is fascinating because it doesn't make any sense and is so rare.

Apparently the biggest sexual thrill that you get is not from sex itself, but from hurling yourself from the top of a staircase. That is the height of ecstasy. The experience can be controlled by limiting the number of stairs or the speed, my guess is the danger is part of the attraction, as would be the pain.

I don't think I will add this to my repertoire, I am not sure an public liability insurance would take it on 😉

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